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One Way Car Rentals offers Car Hire, Taxi Services, Travel Agents, Tempo Travellers On Hire, Tour Operators, Bus On Hire, Car Hire-Toyota Innova, Tour Packages, Taxi Services For Outstation - in Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu, India.

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One Way Car Rentals is a one of the best call taxi in Krishnagiri. Any time and Any Place around Krishnagiri, One Way Car Rentals Can reach you with just a Phone Call. We are at call taxi believe in quality service and 100% customer satisfaction. Hence our team of very well trained customer friendly drivers as well as core team is working very hard.

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No. 190, Old, Sub Jail Road,
Sunnambu Jeebi,

   Krishnagiri - 635001
   Tamilnadu(TN), India

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Ramesh (5)

Good service, travelled banglore to Vellore.paid only actual. No hidden cost. On time.

Test (4)

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